Judith Koren-Shanahan

Artist Statement

For me making art has been my prime motivator since age 5 when I began to draw people with square heads. I drew constantly from my imagination, and I was strongly influenced by the glittery Technicolor movie musicals that my mother took me to see.
My love for collage and mixed media was sparked in second grade when I took a summer class and experienced collage for the first time.

Expression through drawing was my best friend all thru childhood. My passion for colorful clothing inspired me to fill notebooks with my own “original” dress designs, which I have kept to this day. These experiences led me to become a department store fashion artist, and as I matured, to Sales Promotion, and Art Direction positions. For years, my own fine art expression took a back seat to my full-time commercial art career, plus being a mother and a wife.

Through my life experiences and art abilities, I have learned there are many ways to express myself. The sensuality of the human form, the biting edge of sexism, feminism, ageism, politics and injustice, all of these spur my imagination and beg to be expressed in an art form.

Each of the images you are about to view is one-of-a-kind, original. None of them is or will be reproduced in any commercial print process. You can buy it now by going to the contact section of my web site.